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Sit back and spend a few hours learning about one of the most important things in your life- MONEY !

Before we get to the videos, check out this short pamphlet that explains a quick history of money.

First is the series- Money as Debt II

Part 1 of 8

If you liked that, the original Money as Debt series is here

Next we have Joe's Monetary Literacy Course-
 an excellent, free video series. Here's the introduction:

Then there is Bill Still's-  The Money Masters

Part 1 of 22

UPDATE: Bill Still has released his movie "The Secret of Oz" for FREE!


Last, we have Damon Vrabel's Renaissance 2.0

Part 1 of 23 (so far)


This video, “Credit as a Public Utility: The Solution to the Economic Crisis”,
is the most informative video on a National Dividend I've ever seen.

Highly recommended.


We Hold These Truths-
When Richard C. Cook retired from the Treasury department, he wrote one of the best books on  monetary reform I've ever read.

Web of Debt-
Ellen Brown has one of the most easy-to-understand books on monetary reform.

The Lost Science of Money-
Stephen Zarlenga's massive true history of money.

Modern Money Secrets-
by longtime reform advocate Byron Dale

The Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, a non-partisan, non-profit policy institute at the University of Missouri, has several books worth reading. One of the best is "Understanding Modern Money".

Are you a Canadian?


Are you from England?


The Money Myth Exploded !


Last but not least is long time reform advocate Mike Montagne's site.